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How To Publish Here

Submission Process

Paper submission to Cybernetic Letters is web-based. Prospective authors should go to the website of cybletter.com/ojs where Open Journal System engine is used and follow the instructions. Only PDF files that are already to be printed can be accepted. Papers must be in English. All submissions are acknowledged automatically. Submissions by ordinary mail or e-mail are not accepted.

Paper Structure

There is new template in format MS Word for all articles. Template in LaTeX is coming soon. General article structure is following.


Include an abstract of not more than about 200 words.


Five to ten key words, most of them chosen from the IFAC keyword list

Basic Conditions

The posted (sended) article have to be in pdf or doc form and must contain some parts (see Algorithm).


1. Write article in any editor.
2. Make sure that article contains:
    a. Article title
    b. Article autor(s)
    c. Abstract (usually 2-10 lines)
    d. Keywords (pick 5-10 words from article
    e. Introduction
    f. Main text
    g. Conclusion
    h. Acknowledgement when appropriate
    i. Appendices
    j. References
3. Submit the article by cybletter.com/ojs
4. Wait for reply.
There is a process that has to evaluate Your paper (two independed reviewers). You will get information about acceptation usually in 2 months.

Conditions in Details

Units: The SI system should be used.

Illustrations: All illustrations have to be provided in camera-ready form, suitable for reproduction (which may include reduction) without retouching. Photographs, charts and diagrams are all to be referred to as “Figure(s)” and should be numbered consecutively in the order to which they are referred. They should accompany the manuscript, but should not be included within the text. Every figure must have a caption. Captions should be supplied separately.
Line drawings: All lettering, graph lines and points on graphs should be sufficiently large and bold to be legible when the diagram has been reduced to a size suitable for inclusion in the journal.
Photographs: Original photographs must be supplied as they are to be reproduced, i.e. black and white or colour. If necessary, a scale should be marked on the photograph. Photocopies of photographs or poor electronic versions are not acceptable.
Colour: Coloured figures will appear in colour in the electronic verison of a published paper.

Tables: Tables should be numbered consecutively and given a suitable caption and each table typed on a separate sheet. Footnotes to tables should be typed below the table and should be referred to by superscript lower-case letters.

References: All publications cited in the text should be present in a list of references following the text of the manuscript.

Biographies: A short biography of every author should be provided for papers.


An accepted article will be published only after the payment of the publication fee which amounts to
Full rate: 2 500 Kč / 100 €
Discounted rate (students): 1 250 Kč / 50 €
Special copy (printed version, every article): 5 000 Kč / 200 €

The author will recieve an invoice for the publication fee with a due date. For this purpose, the authors are asked to mention their mailing address in the (e-)mail.

If the invoice is not paid within 30 days following the due date, the decision to publish the article will be suspended. After the payment of the fee, the article will be published without any delay.


Feel free to try publish you article here. If you have any code source, send it as email attachment too.

Happy publishing!


2020-01-01 12:14

Cybernetic Letters

Aims and scope

Cybernetic Letters is the scientific reviewed journal aimed to informatics, control systems, cybernetics and robotics. Papers are accepted only in english language. All contributions will fall to "review process" by two independent experts appointed by editorial board. Editorial board supports papers with original investigation results.


Journal was found in 2003. Papers are published subsequently. Usually volumes are divided in 2 numbers each with ~10 papers.

Editor in chief

Radek DOSKOČIL, Dr., University of Defence, Brno, CZ

Editorial board

Dušan MAGA, Prof., Czech Technical University in Prague, CZ
Alexandr ŠTEFEK, Prof., University of Defence, Brno, CZ
Paul BAUER, Prof., TU Delft, NL
Zdeněk KRUPKA, Emeritus Prof., University of Defence, Brno, CZ
Yves BERGEON, Écoles de Saint Cyr de Coetquidan, France
Jiri KACER, Dr., University of Defence, Brno, CZ
Yuri V. TURYGIN, Izhevsk State Technical University, Russia
Václav KŘIVÁNEK, Dr., University of Defence, Brno, CZ
Damijan MILJAVEC, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Michal DUB, Dr., University of Defence, Brno, CZ
Peter KORONDI, Budapest University, Hungary
Praveen KUMAR, Indian Institue of Technology, India
Andreja ROJKO, University of Maribor, Slovenia

The Publisher - Expertia, o.p.s.

Expertia was found to support beneficial actions that can't be supported by other way. This company has'nt any profit and makings are used to support other activities.


EXPERTIA, o.p.s.
Provazníkova 1480/90
614 00 BRNO

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