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Performance Evaluation of DVB-S2 System over the Rayleigh Channel

Hung Nguyen MANH, Marie RICHTEROVA and Tomas BRINCIL


Recently, bandwidth-efficient coded-modulation techniques of the second generation digital video broadcasting – satellite system deliver performance approaching wireless channel theoretical limits. The system model in a multipath environment faces a lot of limitations, due to the complexity of the system. In the article, end-to-end performance of the system over Rayleigh channel was simulated from a description of the standard document. In the Rayleigh environment, the satellite link including the Bose-Chaudhuri-Hocquenghem, low-density parity-check coder/decoder, mod/demodulation and physi-cal layer frame blocks are modelled in various scenarios. In order to have the accurate simulation in the multipath channel, the average bit error rate used for the performance evaluation of the system by the experimental test. Obtained results in the satellite channel condition are evaluated, analyzed and discussed.


Second Generation Digital Video Broadcasting – Satellite, Performance Evaluation, Error Correction, Rayleigh channel, Software-defined Radio.
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2020-06-09 14:07