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Unified modelling language utilization for Topic maps development



The paper describes an approach for topic maps modeling using UML language. The target domain for the topic map is a data mining field.
Topic maps is a technology for knowledge representation and sharing based on ISO/IEC 13250 related standards. The technology is intended for large information sources organization, information aggregation in distributed environment, modelling complex rules and processes, navigation support and searching in large document collections. The main concepts of topic maps include topic, association and occurrence.
In the first part, the paper deals with UML extension for topic maps development in both short and extended forms. Next, the data mining domain is modeled using defined approach, the basic concepts are discovered, associations and roles are assigned, names and occurrences are defined. The main topics are discipline, method, measure, organization, person, software, term, event, task and visualization. Topic map for the data mining domain is created in ontopia set of tools, including ontopoly, omnigatior and vizigator.


Ontology, UML, Topic Maps, Data mining.
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