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Knowledge Processing using Ontopia and Source Mage GNU/Linux

Ladislav HAGARA


Ontopia – a complete set of tools for building, maintaining, and deploying Topic Maps based applications – is now open source. There are no obstacles to include Ontopia in Linux distributions. Source Mage GNU/Linux is one of Linux distributions which offer easy installation and updating of Ontopia for its users.
Source Mage GNU/Linux is a source-based GNU/Linux distribution. It allows users the maximum amount of freedom and choice possible. Instead of delivering binaries to users, the source code is compiled. This method allows the greatest control over the installed software. Any user can build his own unique system contained only necessary software. Software can be compiled with specific options and optimized for particular hardware, individual dependencies can be selected or deselected, security and optional patches can be applied. It is possible to review source codes of all applications, included patches as well as source codes of compilers and libraries. No needs to wait for someone else to provide a new binary package that (hopefully) fixes a security issue. You never truly know whether a security issue has been fixed or not unless you fix it yourself.
Ladislav Hagara is a one of the lead developers of Source Mage GNU/Linux. He has been responsible mainly for security and crypto related packages. Now he is responsible also for Ontopia spell and he is trying to design Topic Maps application based on Ontopia to support Source Mage developers.


Knowledge Processing, Ontopia, Topic Maps,
Source Mage GNU/Linux, Open Source.
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