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Knowledge in Information Processing

Ladislav BUŘITA


The article draws on information sources and experience gathered by the researchers of the ACR defence research project “ACR Network Enabled Capability (NEC) Knowledge Management – MENTAL”. Ontologies are in focus from the information science point of view; the purpose here is their utilization in knowledge and information processing in the context of Information Systems and text document bases. The term “knowledge” is explained here as information in context. The final solutions are denominated as “Ontology Driven Applications”. Ontology is based on constructs: concept, instance and relationship. The designation of these basic ontology constructs differs depending on the chosen ontological environment. In the process of ontology creation it is necessary to take into account the details of the given environment. The MENTAL Project is conducted on the TM basis. The creation of ontology presents a conceptual reality modelling. The methodology of ontology creation stems from the clarification of basic elements of an application area; it lies predominantly in analysing important source documents. After that an ontology scheme in a selected design tool is proposed and then edited. Regarding free accessible editors, Protégé can be recommended for the first group and Ontopoly for the second one. A far as the application area of ontologies in information processing is concerned the Knowledge Portal for information processing is described; an example of Information Systems (IS) integration and an approach to analyzing intelligence information are introduced. The project of the technological solution of which is produced by Tovek and Aion companies. The example of IS integration introduces the solution from the environment of the battle C4I system (Land, Air and Navy). The intelligence data are analyzed from available reports and ontology constitutes the knowledge base for inferring potential threats.


Knowledge management, ontology, Topic Maps, semantic application
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