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Command and Control Systems and Data Processing



The current state of the art in data representation in command and control (C2) system is set by the US Force XXI Battle Command Brigade and Below (FBCB2) system and its a new presentation layer component Command and Control in 3 dimensions that renders the battlefield information into 3 dimensions (3D) environment in the real time. But this solution doesn’t use a tactical data representation in 3D. Tactical data representation in Czech C2- Ground Forces Tactical Command and Control System (GFTCCS) is based on ontology that was designed to interpret knowledge of this domain for human being. Topic maps method was chosen to describe information of the Czech C2 domain. Tactical symbols are visualized as a block or a spatial object that is semi transparent. They have also the APP – 6a bitmaps on the surfaces and other important information about current status of a unit. Additional information (combat efficiency, velocity, fuel, etc.) are visualized as bar graphs.


Ontology, command and control, decision making process, taxonomy
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Basic Structure of Topic Maps, NEC and Taxonomies Knowledge Acquisition in Tactical Command and Control Systems