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Basic Structure of Topic Maps, NEC and Taxonomies



This article presents the topic maps as a standard for the representation and interchange of knowledge, with an emphasis on the findability of information and possibility of using topic maps in the Network enabled capability (NEC). A topic map at this article represents information using topics (representing any concept), associations (represent relationships between topics) and occurrences (represent the sources of information relating to the topic or a link to the topic). Furthermore, the article focuses at ontology as a proper illustration of a set of concepts within a domain and the relationships between those concepts. Next, other methods of knowledge engineering options to facilitate solutions of the computer networks security problems with focus on Denial of Services Attacks and Distributed Denial of Services Attacks respectively are depicted. A significant part of business activities and operations of a military character is realized through computer networks. One of the first steps to face is a taxonomy creating, which example is mentioned in this paper.


Topic map, NEC, ontology, security, taxonomy, DoS, DDoS
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