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Air Defence efficiency according to NATO

Vojtěch Májek, Jiří Kacer


Evaluation of the Air Defence (AD) efficiency in the NATO countries is a little bit different then the in the Czech Army used method. In this paper we will mention two basic ways of the operational efficiency evaluation of the AD groupment.
The first way is based on the value analysis using and one of the main tools is the TASCFORM method. This method establishes operational potential of the air defence device (ADAs) and AD groupment. The second way of the operational efficiency evaluation group is used so, such as in the Czech Army, mathematical devices of the operational analysis. It uses criterion of the efficiency evaluation (MOE ´s – Measures Of Effectiveness), which are opposite to criterion used in the Czech Army simplified and rather can be called “AD principles”. It means that, if we first create operational AD groupment and then are they evaluated, but in NATO it is different.


efficiency, military, NATO, weapon, air defence
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