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Mechatronical approach by making constructions of walking robots

Branislav Thurský


Mechatronic connects knowledge of mechanical engineering, a methods of control, an artificial intelligence and technical equipment – electronic and modern driving mechanism. Mechatronical approach is often discussed theme in last years.It is consists of mechanic, traction and actuating subsystems with optimalization their components in interact all subsystems as well as final and household facilities will be the best with lowest costs for developing and making. The mechatronicky approach consists of parallel construction of mechanical subsystem, automatic driving subsystem (ADS) and control subsystems with optimalization their components in cooperation all subsystems so that final and household properties will be the best with lowest costs for development costs and production. By walking robots gain ground problem with total interactivity of individual subsystems on the ground of complicated dynamic of whole system. Undoubtedly walking robot is complicated mechanical system, what requires the use of mechatronic approach. This is the reason why we need to design subsystem (mechanical subsystem, control subsystem including sensors and driving subsystems) by whole collaboration several subsystems. In engineering solution walking robot take into account the mutual interactivity several subsystem. Completion technical solution of walking robot considering interactivity of each subsystem. Therefore is necessary to fine mathematical and simulation models each subsystem with defined interactivity. These models can help specialist to make optimal solution. Mechatronic issue so wide that we couldn’t include whole mechatronic approach in one paper.
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