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Biological-psychic state model of the pilot

Jindřich Janíček, Jiří Kacer, Jiří Fischer


The creating of the biological-psychical state model of the pilot is the first aim of my thesis. The creating of this model is connected with the project ACE [Adaptive cockpit environment] and with the project ACS [Adaptive cockpit system], which were solved on the Department of the technical cybernetic and military robotic on the Military Academy in Brno with the cooperation of the University of Delft in the Netherland in years 2001-2005. The aim of the project ACE/ACS was the creating of the intelligent sofistic interface human – machine (pilot – fighter) with adaptable feedback in flight control system of the fighter F-16. The using of the adaptable feedback in the flight control system is a one of the possibility how we can increase the battle effectiveness of the aircraft F-16.
The important component of the structure ACE is the subsystem SAR [Situation assesment recognizer]. The main task of the subsystem SAR is to identify the environment state, avionic state and pilot’s state. For this system identification is used four data inference of easy measured data. Very important component of the structure SAR is the model of the biological and physical state of the pilot too.
With the help of this model it is possible to identify the pilot’s biological-psychical state in the flight with high plausibility. When it is identify high psychical and physical load of the pilot then can the adaptable feedback mechanism make the suitable adaptable action to the flight control system.
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