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Evaluation of the Air Defence efficiency in the Czech Army

Vojtěch Májek, Jiří Kacer


Behavior study of the real system with help of their models, and their mathematical models are in the research area already full accepted. Mathematical models are suitable form for expression of knowledge about objects and events and together with computer techniques they represent an effective tool for their using. Mathematical models reflect exact, general valid nature laws. But such models are not always sufficient as the reality, which is naturally not certain and more or less uncertain. These attributes become relevant in cases, when we want to make model of a complex, stochastic, hard to describe and measurable system, what of course Air Defence (AD) is. Then we can distinguish uncertainty as degree of recognition of the system follows:

1. stochastic uncertain;

2. uncertain (conceptual uncertainty).

AD as surveyed system with many random elements and with the human activity could be under constrained conditions called stochastic system. Without these conditions is AD to complex, to hard to describe and it involves a human factor, it means it is uncertain. The classical form of stochastic uncertainty representation is a mathematical statistics and theory of likehood. The most often way how to describe the uncertainty is with help fuzzy set theory.
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