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Optimization of Induction Motor by FE Analysis

Dušan MAGA


The concept of FE model of induction (asynchronous) motor has been analyzed by author in [1]. While in [1] the analytical design [2] has been verified by numerical (finite element) analysis, this paper deals with optimization technique based on finite element solution. The aim of the optimization is to obtain the maximal possible torque. The optimization procedures, based on procedures successfully used by author with reluctance machinery [3], are transformed to spheres of induction machinery, where possible changes applied to model geometry and electric (supply current density and rotor bars current response) parameters are generating different mechanical torque on machine shaft. The induction machines are very often equipped in pumps and pump systems produced in industrial region in Tatabanya, Hungary.


Induction Motor; Finite Element Magnetic Field Analysis; Torque Computation; Optimization.
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