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FE Model of Induction Motor

Dusan MAGA


Based on local situation in the industrial region of Tatabanya, Hungary, the most frequently used mechatronical actuator has been identified. Wastewater and/or other pumps, as well as scuba pump systems are mostly equipped by induction (asynchronous) motors. This machinery often meets the major production of the largest local company, as well as a lot of other smaller corporations dealing with electrical machinery and mechatronical actuators. The numerical analysis of the machine, presented in the paper, is a base for following optimization processes. The main objective of this work is to optimize the used machinery with special attention paid to motor’s torque and so to save the energy necessary to power the used technologies (the optimization procedures and the following results will be presented in author’s next paper).


Electrical machines, Induction Motors, Finite Element Field Simulation, Numerical Analysis, Comparison of Analytical Design and Numerical Analysis.
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