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Visual Analytics Applied to Cyber Security

Vlastimil MALÝ


The field of Visual Analytics (VA) seeks to combine computational power, visual display, and human capabilities in order to extract knowledge from large, heterogeneous data sets. VA is in part a response to the scale and complexity of information that is now potentially available. It seeks to aid people in making sense of the world by helping them identify and exploit relevant information. Within the field of VA we are trying to exploit and enable the considerable capabilities of the human visual perceptual process. Visual analytics techniques can be extremely helpful to addressing the potential and actual consequences of cyber attacks. Visual analytics, when applied to anomalous network behaviours, could provide a basis for a realtime indications and warnings system usable for supposed cyber incidents.
Visual Analytics arose in the post nine-eleven eras in order to provide tools to the analyst to aid in the identification of threats. It was formulated primarily by experts from the field of information visualization and emphasized visual tools for information understanding and extracting patterns.


Visual Analytics, Cyber Threats, Network Traffic, Human Visual Perceptual Process, Visual Tools Technologies, Patterns, Decision-making Process, Big Data, Cyber-Crime, Graphics.
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