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Information Portal MilUNI for Military Universities Cooperation

Ladislav BUŘITA


The paper describes the Knowledge Management System (KMS) about military universities (MilUNI), mostly in the NATO environment, but it also includes all European countries. The goal of the MilUNI is to support the cooperation among uni-versities in education, research, and the staff and students exchange. The system is based on the Topic Maps theory using the AToM software. Special attention is paid to the ontology design, Knowledge Base (KB) development, and application processing when using the KMS. The KMS includes the KB with interface for administrator, architect, and editor and the Knowledge Portal with user interface. Related work is analyzed. The search procedures in the KMS are mentioned. The pa-per concludes with suggestions for the further development of the system.


Knowledge-based systems, architectures, co-operation, education, information
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