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Changes of the Mollusk Neuron Action Potential Parameters Over the Recurrent Intracellular Stimulation

Besarion Partsvania, Tamaz Sulaberidze, Zurab Alimbarashvili


Waveform of the action potential (AP) was thought to be constant during long period. This point of view suggests that waveform of AP does not contain any information. However, continues evidences show opposite – the waveform of the AP is not constant and it contains some information. We have shown that AP parameters are broadened if neuron is stimulated with recurrent injection of intracellular short current impulses. This broadening follows to repetitive spiking induced by repetitive current injection. On the other hand such kind of stimulation causes neuron habituation to the stimuli, i.e. neuron declines all stimuli. The aim of present work was to give answer on the question: Do AP parameters contain some information about the process of habituation? Answer is positive. We have shown that AP parameters contain information about the habituation. Amount of this information depends on number deposited stimulus. Mentioned information was determined experimentally by the means of measurements. Experiments were carried out on the mollusk single neuron. Standard microelectrode technique was used in experiments.


Neuron, action potential parameters, information processing.
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