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Knowledge system for Lessons Learned documents analysis

Vlastimil MALY


The paper deals with the knowledge system development and processing aimed to the particular area of the Lessons Learned. Lessons Learned is a process which is managed by the military community to be able to adapt rapidly its tactics and equipment to the opponents and to correct the identified shortfalls. In most armies there are special departments collecting critical information and data as an experience from military missions and tasks performed.
In the introductory part of the paper we deal with knowledge system principles. We show briefly main terms, as information and context, dictionary, thesaurus, metadata, taxonomy development and ontology development.
Information support for Lessons Learned process is a typical task of unstructured content analysis and processing. Our aim is to introduce some new tools, new methods, new processes and new strategies that enabled us to think, for the first time, very differently about knowledge in the Lessons Learned area. A key question will be how to design a better “business cycle” (i.e. in terms of anticipation of changes by the S&T and military communities) than that of our opponents (enemies). We use during our solution knowledge system technology developed during Research Project “Mental”, finished recently at our university.


Lessons Learned, NEC, Information Management, Document Analysis, Information Sharing, Ontology, Taxonomy, AtoM, MENTAL.

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