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Knowledge Management in the Defence Area

Petr DO


The article presents information and problems of Knowledge Management (KM) integration into the area of defence. The introductory chapter focuses on the emergence and current state of the issue. It compares it with the commercial sector and knowledge management implementation in other NATO countries. Then the definitions of basic terms in the field of knowledge engineering are given. KM as a discipline created by the development of the Semantic Web is one of its pillars. Various tools for creating knowledge-based applications and ontologies are described. The next chapter covers examples of analysis and creation of a domain knowledge base by using these tools. One of the sub-section is devoted to the construction of ontologies and creation of topic maps in specific software. It illustrates the appropriate methods and procedures as applied in knowledge-based software application solutions. KM is also about the management of knowledge. The methods of knowledge management are presented. The actual construction of a knowledge-based applications solution, the proposal of methodology for the defence area and the integration of KM into the existing environment is introduced in the penultimate section. All findings stem from the MENTAL project. The methodology or solutions that are presented here do not constitute a universal solution, but try to cover what is presented in different ways in practice, and especially a myriad of sources. Finally, the summaries present the findings gained from the MENTAL research project.


Knowledge management, Defence, Ontology, Topic Maps, Knowledge portal
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