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A Description of the Current State of People Position Monitoring in a Built-up Area and NATO Army Buildings

Petr HRŮZA, Miroslav ŠEBELA


The experience of contemporary military operations leads to the new anticipated operational environment known as FIBUA (Fight in Built-Up Area). Technological development results in immense increases in the tactical value of small units equipped with special combat systems.
Nowadays, the satellite navigation system GPS (Global Positioning System) is used most often for tracking and monitoring positions of units and individuals; however this system is unreliable in builtup
areas and not available inside buildings at all. The solution of tracking positions of individuals in built-up areas and buildings is dependent particularly on technical equipment. This article presents
some results achieved in our project of defence research dealing with utilization of the localization system.


FIBUA (Fight in Built-Up Area), MOUT (Military Operations on Urban Terrain), 3D
image, localization system, tracking and monitoring positions
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